• Non-Certified Translations: we translate technical or non-technical texts, scientific and literary texts.
  • Certified Translations: these translations are conducted by a Certified Public Translator registered at the Colegio de Traductores Públicos [Public Translators Association]. Speak Spanish can do the certification procedure at the Translators Association if requested.



We offer the following interpretations:

  • Simultaneous Interpretation: the interpreter is inside a booth and transmits the speaker’s message simultaneously. The audience can listen to foreign language speakers in their own language.
  • Consecutive Interpretation: the interpreter listens, waits until a complete statement is completed and then begins interpreting. When the interpreter finishes, the speaker resumes his speech.
  • Whispering: is a simultaneous personalized interpretation technique where the interpreter sits close to the listener and whispers the interpretation. It is used as an aid in work meetings, product launchings, selection interviews, etc.



Language interviews for staff selection.

Evaluation of language skills as a complement during the recruitment process, assessing the candidates’ current level and potential.



  • Advice on the selection of language providers.
  • Comprehensive advice on the design and startup of Training Programs.
  • Supervision of the company’s current language providers.
  • Text Editing: language and style corrections.
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